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Corporate Voicemail Solutions

Voicemail to text improves employee productivity and efficiency, and protects your organisation.

Your employees are almost certainly becoming more mobile and when they are away from their desks their voicemails stack up.  To make things worse, traditionally checking for voicemails one by one is a time consuming, inefficient and a non revenue generating task. Corporate communications must be accountable.

We have revolutionised voicemail!

By converting voicemails to text and delivering them as email and/or text messages, our service becomes a business productivity tool helping your employees improve their efficiency and productivity. Your staff will:

As there is no equipment to buy, or any software to install, the capital investment for this valuable productivity tool is zero.  The benefits are almost instantaneous and little or no support is required.

The VoxSciences™ platform in conjunction with its voice recognition engine VERBS has been designed to be durable, flexible and scalable and to integrate with most types of wireless network operators, landline/VOIP service providers, virtual (IP) and traditional PABX systems.

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