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VoxSciences™ allows you to route your internal company phone systems to VoxSciences™ to provide a voice mail to text service.

Marketing Agencies

By using our IVR platform and voice to text conversion combined marketing questionnaires can be captured digitally for quantitative analysis. This provides the opportunity to electronically analysis vast amounts of calls and represent the results graphically with drill down capabilities.

PABX Operators

Using our extensive set of API (Advanced Programmer Interface) features you can enhance your applications to deliver voice to text and integrate VoxSciences™ into your product.

Network Operators

VoxSciences™ encompasses a traditional voice mail system as well as a voice to text service. Out source the handling of your voice mail system to Vox Sciences and enhance your user base by providing voice mail to text transcriptions at the same time.

Call Centres

Deal with excessive loads or targeted campaigns by sending your calls to the VoxSciences™ system and have voice messages transcribed to text and sent to your CRM system by email or API.

 Comment Phone Lines

The ability to textural search voice messages is a huge benefit for broadcasting, customer response companies or anyone else operating comment phone lines.


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