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How does it work?

Our our powerful conversion engine called VERBS (Virtual Engine for Recognition of Basic Speech) converts voice messages into text messages and delivers them either as an email, SMS or via an API interface.

Voice Mail to Text

voice mail to text

Someone leaves you a message...

VoxSciences™ converts it...

you read the message in text format

Converting speech to text is a notoriously hard thing to do for a variety of reasons.  However, VERBS is extremely good at doing this because it learns from humans, who also ensure the quality of what VERBS produces.  The more of your voice messages that VERBS converts from voice to text the better it gets.

VERBS is a carrier grade voice to text conversion engine that has been designed to be accurate, fast, scalable and to integrate with most types of wireless network operators, landline/VOIP service providers, virtual (IP) and traditional PABX systems.

Easy integration with VERBS means that for our partners there is often no equipment to buy, or any software to install, the capital investment for this valuable productivity tool is virtually zero.  The benefits are almost instantaneous and little or no support is required.

Now seeing really is believing! Try it for yourself and be amazed at the power, speed and flexibility of VERBS.


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